Aim Hire 2023 Learning Sessions

Round 1

Round 1:
10:50 am – 11:35 am

Building Critical Career Pathways

Explore the process for building effective educational pathways that guide students towards successfully completing credentials and degrees of value aligned to workforce demands.

Pheoris West A – Floor 3

Exploring Flexible Work-Based Learning Models

Step into the world of flexible work-based learning models that adapt to the changing needs of learners and employers. This session will explore how organizations are redefining traditional work structures to create meaningful learning experiences.

Pheoris West B – Floor 3

Al in Education: What Educators Need to Know

Explore a wide range of generative Al tools, dive deep in many practical and powerful ways to use Al for teaching and learning, and explore how to address potential misuses of this transformative technology.

Pheoris West C – Floor 3

Virtual Reality in Education and Training

Explore best practices for utilizing virtual reality in the classroom for experiential learning and discuss our evolving classrooms and the effects of this on skills­-based learning.

Roman Johnson – Floor 3

Economic Return on Postsecondary Education

Participate in an engaging gallery walk and discuss new research that explores where Ohio students, families, and the workforce are seeing the value in education beyond high school and are finding affordable opportunities to upskill.

Charles Massey AB – Floor 3

Experience Virtual Reality Technology

We invite participants to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality technology and discover its immense potential for transforming the employment landscape.

Massey C – Floor 3

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